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Delve into the illustrious career of actor/musician/producer, Philip Michael Thomas.  This is the only place that you will find a detailed account of his beginnings and continuation.  Immerse yourself in the fascinating journey of this international man of mystery and delight...


    Philip Michael Thomas

All About PMT

Philip Michael Thomas

CEO of Spaceship Records, Inc. Actor, Songwriter, Musician, Music Composer, Producer, Poet, Playwright, Philanthropist, Doctor of the Arts


Philip Michael Thomas is an international actor with an illustrious career, who has built a brand formulated in fashionable taste, honesty, business acumen, and integrity. An alumnus of the covers of Time and Rolling Stone Magazines, among others, he is no stranger to the spotlight.

Most notably recognized for his iconic role as the stylish "Detective Ricardo Tubbs" in the 80's Emmy Award-winning hit series, Miami Vice, and as the heartthrob “Stix” in the 1975 Motion Picture Sparkle, this high energy, octane-fueled performing artist is also a prolific poet and a master architect of music. For several decades, he has created an extensive and ever-expanding catalog of creative works. In 1985, he parlayed his avant-garde musical talents and "get it done passion" into a 5-album multi-million dollar recording deal after capturing the heart and soul of music mogul Ahmet Ertegun, CEO and founder of Atlantic Records.

Thomas teamed up with Jamaican record producer Geoffrey Chung to create and produce his first album, an autobiographical compilation titled “Living the Book of My Life.” With its worldwide 1986 release, a beautifully crafted, impressive, and enduring songbook of the same title was also created and released. In recognition of this body of work, the “Living the Book of My Life” album earned Thomas a 1987 ASCAP Award. On November 27, 1997, he received an honorary Doctor of Arts degree from Shaw University in Raleigh, NC. But before that, Thomas traveled a long winding road before ascending to the entertainment industry’s iconic star constellation.



A precocious and energetic Philip Michael Thomas was born in Columbus, Ohio on May 26, 1949. He began exploring his musical imagination at the tender age of 4, when his Stepfather, George Liggins, introduced him to the piano, and his Mother, Lula McMorris, instilled in him many attributes through the power of voice in song. This newfound freedom of artistic expression sparked a riot in his heart and soul, and his budding talent coupled with tenacity and quick wit became a winning formula that would eventually take him on the journey of a thousand seasons. At the age of 11, Thomas wrote the lyrics to his first original song “Troubled Child”, and also won his first talent show singing “Rockin Robin” at Juniper Elementary School in Fontana, California. With its multicultural student body, Juniper Elementary equipped Thomas with the necessary tools to succeed in life. The cornerstone of his educational pursuit to discover his passion, Juniper was also a launching pad for his developing talent to sing music in foreign languages, particularly Spanish. Thomas would go on to use this newfound bi-lingual medium to create the music composition, “Mi Amor Mi Verdad” (“My True Love”). It was during his attendance at Juniper, that a young Thomas fell in love with the roar of adulation while performing on stage. “All of my young creative life,” he says, “Girls would scream during my performances, and want to touch me.”


Long before celebrity star status was on his radar, the inquisitive youthful Thomas had a great interest in photography, crafting by hand his first camera at the age of 13. His affinity and dedication to capturing life through a photographic lens would soon provide a means for photography to support him while pursuing his entertainment career.


But music was always on the tip of his tongue. At the age of 14, Thomas began touching little girls hearts with his tender rendition of the classic tune “Earth Angel.” It was at this moment a young star began to emerge.

Although offered a recording contract at age 15, Thomas would instead choose to join a local youth choir after a friend’s invitation to attend a church service. This loving gesture would alter the course of his life profoundly, and keep him on a path towards success. Ultimately, Thomas took a leap of faith, and by the age of 16, he became a full-fledged youth minister for Delman Heights Four Square Gospel Church. He traveled on Friday nights to do missionary work, spreading the good word through musical cheer. It is during this important time that his heart, mind, and talent became a fusion of one in Christ. Upon listening to albums by gospel greats like James Cleveland, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, and Lou Rawls, Thomas began setting a pace to revolutionize his ministry as a singing evangelist.

Ambitious and spirit-filled, he asked his pastor to take a chance on his desire to perform the classic “The Shadow of Your Smile” for a Sunday morning service.  Stirring the souls of all present and finding the silver lining separating two worlds, Thomas found a place to be somebody. This day marked the beginning of a new chapter in the iconoclastic mind of a young man called to order.


A graduate of San Bernardino High School, San Bernardino, California, Class of 1967, Thomas sought to find an outlet for his flourishing musical talents and passionate exploration of the church ministry. Later that year he ventured far from home to study religion at Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama. While there, under the tutelage of Professors Yon and Florence Robertson, his horizon began to form a perfect vantage point, designed specifically for mastering his creative skills. It was during this time that Thomas was first introduced to the enchantment of classical music. This education equipped him with the ambition and courage to dream big, and at age 18, he participated in his first major talent show, singing a breathtaking, prophetic version of “The Impossible Dream.”


In 1968, Thomas returned to California to study comparative religion, philosophy, and music, on a scholarship to The University of California at Riverside. His introduction to theater and stage came when he won starring roles in two plays, Dutchman, written by the activist playwright Leroi Jones/Amiri Baraka, and In White America, written by the playwright Martin Duberman. A defining moment in his pursuit of success in the theater as a professional actor came when his best friend, Abraham Yang, invited him to see a Los Angeles performance of the rock musical Hair, starring the legendary Ben Vereen. Unbeknownst to Thomas, this experience would not only challenge his voracious creative appetite but would be the transformative game-changer of his career.


Finally that year, after auditioning 13 times, he began his first foray into the spotlight, landing the starring roles of Hud and Berger in the San Francisco Production of Hair. Directed by Tom O’Horgan and Produced by Michael Butler, the show opened on July 17, 1969, at the Geary Theater for 6 months, then played for 12 months at the Orpheum Theaters, officially marking the first professional theatrical performance of his career, running for an awe-inspiring 18 months.


Despite the demanding eight-shows-a-week schedule, Thomas continued his theological studies, transferring mid-term and relocating to the University of California at Berkley. Thomas was catapulted into a state of dreams realized when in 1971, at only 21 years of age, he starred alongside Ben Vereen in the San Francisco production of Charles Gordone’s Pulitzer Prize-winning play, No Place to Be Somebody. He was featured at the On Broadway Theater in the starring role of “Gabe Gabriel,” and after 6 months the production moved to Detroit for a 3-month run at the Vest Pocket Theater, where Thomas starred with Mary Alice as “Cora” and with Terry Alexander as “Johnny.” During the Detroit run, Thomas’ high-energy performance captivated one of music’s greatest innovators. After a backstage encounter with none other than Mr. Gordy and several of his family members, an invitation was extended to Thomas to visit their music factory, in Hitsville, U.S.A. He was thrilled to spend precious time with the Gordy family, witnessing the power of love and attention firsthand. Their courtship of Thomas would culminate in an offer to sign a recording deal with Motown Records.


Nine months later, however, Thomas would instead continue his theatrical career in New York City, starring in encore performances at the Morasco Theater on Broadway and opening to rave reviews from local Critic Clive Barnes. This began a whirlwind of theatrical performances that included his 1972 co-starring role in the New York Production of The Selling of the President as “Randall Phillips,” alongside Barbara Berry and Pat Hingle, and the Los Angeles (Century City) production of Mary C Brown and the Hollywood Sign starring as “Cully Saroga” with co-star Elizabeth Ashley.

In 1977, at age 26, Thomas starred in The Legend of Stacker Lee, at the Variety Arts Theater in Los Angeles. Teaming up with producers Paul Harris and Idrees Siddiqui, they created a unique interpretation of history untold.

In between his theatrical performances, Thomas vigorously continued to pursue a major record company for the distribution of his growing library of music compositions. In 1977, a meeting with record exec Chris Blackwell of Island Records did not seal a deal on a record contract but afforded Thomas an unforgettable chance encounter with the incomparable Bob Marley and the Wailers. This happenstance would add fuel to the fire of his burning desire to become a recording artist.


Thomas continued his musical performance journey as the executive producer, co-writer, and producer of 2 operettas -- The Legend of Stacker Lee, a jazz and blues musical in which he starred in 1978 at the Variety Arts Theater in New York, and E-M-A-N- U-E-L, a Gospel musical about the love between our Beloved Mary and her husband Joseph. A few years later in 1980, he collaborated again with producer Michael Butler to star in the musical Reggae as “Easu.” This space in time spanned over 2 decades, building the foundation that would prepare him for his imminent rise to a new dimension of fame and fortune.


Over the years, Thomas’ musical journey appeared to have taken a back seat to his burgeoning acting career; however, this versatile artist simultaneously displayed his musical talents across the globe, creating a profound body of works that some have called “timeless and epic.” His love for music, lyrics, and production is the perfect combination for cultivating high-performance relationships. His creative ability to collaborate in a team-oriented environment keeps him ageless and relevant in life, as well as the music and entertainment business. It led to some remarkable highlights in his extraordinary career, which in addition to the "Living the Book of my Life" collaboration with Geoffrey Chung, included fueling his creative spirit on his day job by sharing memorable moments with music greats James Brown, Miles Davis and Frank Zappa, to name a few.


A man of few words, but yet so many, Thomas published a book of aphorisms called, “Perfect Moment of Truth” which sold in the Bodi Tree, Los Angeles. But the mid-1980s saw Thomas rev up his engine in a multitude of adventurous ways.


The success of MIAMI VICE allowed Thomas to embellish his desire to be a catalyst for arts education. The result was the 1985 manifestation of The MiamiWay Theater. Once known as the Southland Theater, his purchase of the dilapidated property, located in the heart of North Miami, Florida became a labor of love that translated into a groundbreaking multimedia mecca of creative expression. With a lot of sacrifices and a committed heart, Thomas would physically assist in the demolition, and renovation, and largely contribute to its architectural design. Although this entrepreneurial project would require a great investment of time and money, for Thomas it would be no match for his burning desire to educate young minds, feed hungry souls, and make a difference in the future lives of children. It was his home away from home, and his vacation away from 18-hour days of filming on location in the tropical oasis of Miami.


Thomas would ultimately own and operate his MiamiWay multiplex for over 15 years. Not only was it the creative hub of his independent label, Spaceship Records Company, and Recording Studio, but it housed a 500-seat theater where he produced world-class musicals, puppet shows, dramatic plays, recorded albums, commercials, produced film festivals and Amateur Night. It was complete with a 48-track recording studio, dual-level lounges, concession stand, executive offices, and a full-service video editing facility. Accented with artistic images reflecting a vision of divine Egyptian loveliness, The MiamiWay Theater was a wonderland of entertainment for Thomas and the residents of South Florida.


Founded in 1988, the non-profit Philip Michael Thomas Foundation for the Arts efforts opened up the hearts and minds of South Florida’s diverse culture through its JAZZ LIVE SERIES. With its primary objective to elevate and cultivate an appreciation for the performing arts, the Foundation brought to South Florida an array of famous musical artists for an awesome series of live jazz and lectures. Featured artists included the cosmic jazz icon Sun Ra, the first performance of the Melton Mustafa Orchestra, the Arthur Blythe Quartet, and the Peter Graves Atlantean Driftwood Band.

MiamiWay Theater proved to be an outstanding venue for showcasing new artists as well as Improv workshops and performances by Miami’s oldest sustained black Equity theater troupe -- The M Ensemble Theater Company. It hosted special events and provided a platform in service of a community in desperate need of artistic evolution.  Still, Thomas’ creative reach seemed to have no boundaries. He operated PMT International in 1986, designing fashions that specifically catered to the elegant woman.


Then he partnered with the eccentric Robert Henson as the co-owner of the Machiavelli Car.  But Thomas’ passion for music was not to be denied when he co-hosted The Motown Christmas Special in 1987 with the legendary Smokey Robinson. Thereafter he found himself joining forces with music powerhouses Ashford and Simpson, Kenny G, Larry Graham, Preston Glass, and Amir Bayyan to produce his second album in 1988, Somebody. In this musical rendering, Thomas would pen two songs, “What’s Your Fantasy” and “Cosmic Free.” His linguistic talents were spotlighted on the song titled “Por Siempre y Para Siempre”(Ever and Forever), where he sang a duet with Spanish Star Lucia Galan from the group “Pimpinella.” Also in 1988, a second song entitled “Falling” from the "Somebody" album was featured when he performed a sizzling, sultry dance with Debbie Allen in her ABC television special. In 1991, he teamed up with Dionne Warwick and Dianne Carroll to co-host the television special Celebrate the Soul of America.


In 1993, Thomas starred in the Film Miami Shakedown for which he penned, “Mistaken Woman,” the opening credits song for the soundtrack taken from the 90’s musical, 1990’s Woman which he wrote and produced. In 1994, the City of Miami’s City Council adopted the song “My, My, My Miam... I,” (performed by Thomas and written by Thomas and Kathy Rayhill), as its official anthem. Also, Thomas’ star power was globally evident when he hosted the Psychic Network in 1995. His persona and musical talents elevated the show’s popularity: a major contribution to its success and well-received electric format. One of its most memorable moments came when Thomas performed his composition “With You” with his daughter Sacha Nicole.

When it comes to Thomas’ levels of creativity, this natural-born musician knows no limits and sets no boundaries for any of his compositions. Relentless in a quest to share his music, some of Thomas’ works have been spotlighted in feature films as well as television series. He also wrote and produced several songs for the 1995 Italian mini-series Extra Large with Bud Spencer. The Legendary Dionne Warwick recorded five of Thomas’ songs for the series; one of which, “Bridge to Forever,” is featured in the episode “Black Magic.”

In 1996, he co-produced, We Are the Children of the World, a children’s musical television show set in Costa Rica, with puppets.



Philip Michael Thomas’ spirit of generosity has led him to “pay it forward” throughout his career. In 1985, he received the City of Miami Police Benevolent Association Award for Positive Role Model, and in 1986, the City of Miami appointed him to the Florida Crime Prevention Commission. Thomas’ philanthropic contributions have been recognized by numerous charitable organizations, including Variety, Big Brother/Big Sisters, Black Heritage Museum, the African American Caribbean Cultural Arts Commission (AACCAC), and M.A.A.D. Others include the auspicious 1988 Happy Birthday Fundraiser for the release of Nelson Mandela and Apartheid, held at London’s Wembley Stadium.

Also in 1988, Thomas performed his original composition, “Brother to Brother” with notable jazz artist Hugh Masekela for an Aids Prevention Charity Auction in Rosebank, Johannesburg Gauteng, South Africa.

A prince among dignitaries, Thomas was received at the White House in 1986 as a guest of President Ronald Reagan for a special celebratory evening. His gift of oration was audaciously represented in his 1986 speech for the First Birthday Celebration of the Martin Luther King Holiday in Seattle, Washington. More recently, a World Citizen Icon Award slated Thomas as the embodiment of a person whose name is synonymous with their contribution to art, pop culture, history, and style.



While a songwriter at heart with an enormous propensity for adventure, Thomas leads a full life even when taking a little time from writing music, creating musicals, or producing films. An avid writer of musicals and children’s lyrics for over forty years, he returned to the stage production in 2001, creating and coproducing Sacha on Broadway, an enchanting musical that opened to rave reviews and incarnated several times over to become an outright classic piece of work. From that musical, he was inspired to create a children’s coloring book depicting the story of Sacha on Broadway.

In the same year, Thomas served as an artist in residence at Hampton University, lending his years of experience to its performing arts students. Then, he produced and wrote the music for an exercise DVD, titled The Golden Workout, which featured seven of his music compositions. It is no surprise that from 2002-2006 this multiverse artist would lend his talents to the hugely popular video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. This was followed up with a 2006 exercise DVD titled The Tune-up Workout featuring the bonus track, “My, My, Miam...I.”

All that feeds Thomas’ creative energy stems from the epicenter of health and nutrition.  “Health is Wealth” and “The highest level of health is to be fit and fabulous at every age,” are just a couple of Thomas’ daily mantras that he practices, preaches, and demonstrates. At the pinnacle of his physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual evolution, he enjoys participating in and supporting health-related projects with goals set to educate and enhance the public’s quality of life. In 2006, he photographed and published a cookbook titled “Recipes for Life,” a beautiful display of his creativity and commitment to longevity.


Unconventional in every facet of his life and a real modern-day Renaissance man, Thomas continues to raise the bar of excellence in music. He is currently focusing his attention on producing a show in collaboration with the Great Melton Mustafa poetically entitled, The Horn and the Voice. Today, Philip Michael Thomas and his PMT Worldwide Production Company aim to bring to life many of his works including 2 film projects, Hopeless to Greatness and Black Caesar - Pirate.


As the Founder/CEO of Spaceship Records, Philip Michael Thomas continues to write, produce, and publish in addition to discovering new talent for his label. He is an avid reader and writes poetry every day of his life. Building relationships, creating partnerships and alliances with like-minded music enthusiasts is his “modus operandi.” With an intrinsic flair for innovation and dedication to keep the world singing, Philip Michael Thomas’ continuing celebration of life through his ever-refining, ever-evolving musical and creative talents is but a moment away.






Music Credits


  • Sacha and The Magic Cooker Maker, Writer, Producer and Composer • 2001-2008

  • Performance with M- Zuri and New York Symphony Orchestra, Writer (“Significant

    Other”), Manhattan, NY • 2000

  • We are Angels, Performer (“New Way”) • 1997

  • Wrote and Produced five songs for the legendary Dionne Warwick • 1995

  • Miami City Anthem, (“My, My, My, Miam... I”) Writer and Performer • 1994

  • Extra Large, Performer/Writer (“She’s So Sweet, She’s So Fine”) • 1992

  • 1990’s Woman, Co-Writer, Co-Producer and Composer • 1990

  • The Debbie Allen Special, Performer (“Falling”) • 1989

  • Jazz Live Series • 1989

  • (“Somebody”)/Atlantic Records, Writer and Co-Produce (“Cosmic Free”) and (“What’s Your Fantasy”), Produced by Ashford and Simpson, Amir Bayyan, Earl Toon, and Preston Glass, collaborations with Smokey Robinson, Kenny G, and Larry Graham • 1988

  • CEO of Spaceship Records/Atlantic Records • 1985-1986

  • (“Living the Book of My Life Album”)/Atlantic Records, Writer and Co-Producer


  • Miami Vice: The Maze, Performer/Writer (“Living the Book of My Life”) • 1985

  • Owner and Operator of the MiamiWay Theater and SpaceShip Recording Studio •


  • Legend of Stacker Lee, Producer and Composer & Star• 1977

  • Owner and CEO of Spaceship Records • 1971-Present

  • Executive Producer of The Horn and the Voice with Philip Michael Thomas and Melton Mustafa • 2012

  • Present Development of Black Pirate Caesar (Children’s Book/Animation/Feature Film) • 2011

  • Philip Michael Thomas Autobiography • (Development) 2010-Present

  • Development of independent film, From Hopeless to Greatness, (Orlando, Fla) 2009-Present Sacha & the Magic Cookie Coloring Book, (Orlando, FL) • 2001- Present

  • Sacha on Broadway, Jones Theater, (Orlando, FL) • 2007

  • Sandi Morais Workout DVD, “Tune-Up”, (Orlando, FL) 2006

  • Sacha on Broadway, the Musical, Riverside Church Theater, (New York City, NY) • 2005

  • Sacha, a Musical Review, Byron Carlyle Theater, (Miami Beach, FL) • 2005

  • Sacha, a Musical Review, Hollywood Central Performing Arts Center, (Hollywood, FL) • 2005

  • Sacha, a Musical Review, Ocean Reef Yacht Cultural Arts Center, (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) • 2004

  • Sacha, an Enchanting Love Story, Hollywood Playhouse, (Hollywood, FL) • 2003 Sacha & the Magic Cookie Maker, Mary Anne Wolfe Theater, F.I.U, (Miami, FL) • 2002

  • Sacha & the Magic Cookie Maker, Hampton University, (Hampton, VA) • 2001 Sacha & the Magic Cookie Maker, Children’s Theater, (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) • 2001

  • 1990’s Woman, MiamiWay Theater, (Miami, FL) • 1990




  • Momma Dees Girls Gospel Musical, Thirteen City Tour, 2001, “Steamboat”

  • ”No Place Be Somebody, New York, Detroit, Washington D.C. 1993 “Gabe Gabriel” Reggae, New York •1980 “Easu”

  • The Selling Of The President, New York • 1972

  • “Randall Phillips” Mary C. Brown & The Hollywood Sign/with Elizabeth Ashley • 1972 “Cully Saroga”

  • No Place To Be Somebody, New York, San Francisco • 1970-1971 “Gabe Gabriel”

  • Hair, a Rock Musical, San Francisco • 1969-1971 “Hud”/”Berger”



โ€‹Film & Television


  • Fate (with Lee Majors and Michael Pare) • 2002

  • Inside TV Land: “Cops on Camera” • 2003 as Himself

  • VH-1: TV Hunks • 2003 as Himself

  • Grand Theft Auto: “Vice City Stories” • 20003 “Lance Vance”

  • Grand Theft Auto: “Vice City Stories” • 2002 “Lance Vance” Inside TV          

  • Land: “African Americans in TV” • 2003 as Himself

  • NBC 75TH Anniversary Special • 2002 as Himself            

  • We Are Angels (Italian TV Mini-Series, with Bud Spencer) • 1995-1997                                                 "Hawks", “Joe”, “Father Zechariah”

  • Extra Large (TV Mini-Series, with Bud Spencer) • 1995-1996 “Dumas”

  • The World of Treasure (Bill Burrud Production) • 1995 as Himself

  • The Alpha Team: “The Fortune Hunter” (USA Series) • 1994 “Gary Holt”

  • Extra Large (TV Mini-Series, with Bud Spencer) • 1992 “Dumas”

  • Swamp Thing: “Dead and Married” (USA Mini-Series) • 1992 “Barry Scott”

  • Primero Izquueirda (TV DOCU Series) • 1991 as Himself

  • Perry Mason: “The Case of the Ruthless Reporter” (CBS Series) • 1991 “Chuck Gilmore”

  • A Little Piece of Sunshine (with Lauren Bacall) • 1990 “Tomson”

  • Zorro: “The Pride of Pueblo” • 1990 “Jack Holt”

  • The Adventures of Superboy: “Brimstone” • 1990 “Brimstone”

  • False Witness (TV Movie, with Phylicia Rashad) • 1989 “Bobby Marsh”

  • The Debbie Allen Special (NBC Special) • 1989 as Himself

  • Nash Bridges: “ Out of Miami”/”Wild Card” • 1997/2001 “Cedric          

  • 21ST NAACP Image Awards (NBC Special) • 1989 Presenter

  • Disney’s Totally Minnie • 1988 as Himself

  • The Wizard of Speed and Time (TV Movie) • 1988 “Mickey Polanko”

  • FreedomFest: Nelson Mandela’s 70TH Birthday (Fox Special) • 1988 Presenter

  • The 9TH Annual Emmy Awards for Sports (TV Special) • 1987/1988 as Himself

  • Motown Merry Christmas (with Smokey Robinson)

  • (ABC Special) • 1987 Co-Host Ebony/Jet Showcase (TV Special) • 1987 as Himself

  • A Fight for Jenny (TV Movie) • 1986 “David Caldwell”

  • Charlie Barnett’s Terms of Enrollment • 1986 as Himself

  • The 38TH Annual Emmy Awards (NBC Special) • 1986 Presenter

  • The NBC 60TH Anniversary Celebration (NBC Special) • 1986 as Himself

  • The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson • 1986 Special Guest

  • The 12TH Annual People’s Choice Awards • 1986 as Himself (Nominee for “Best Actor in a Drama Series”)

  • The 43RD Annual Golden Globe Awards • 1986 as Himself

  • (Miami Vice: “Favorite TV Dramatic Program”)

  • America Talks Back (NBC Special) • 1985/1986 as Himself

  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade (NBC Special) • 1985 Special Guest

  • The Battle of the Network Stars XVII (NBC Team) • 1984/1985 as Himself

  • Miami Vice, 111 episodes (NBC TV Series) • 1984-1989 “Detective Ricardo Tubbs”

  • Trapper John, M.D.: “ Ladies in Waiting” (TV Series) • 1982

  • Strike Force:  “The Victims” • 1981 “Wesley”

  • Buffalo Soldiers (TV Movie) • 1979 “Flag Man”

  • La La Making it in LA (TV Documentary) • 1979 as Himself

  • Valentine (TV Movie) • 1979 “Bean”

  • The Dark (TV Movie) • 1979 “Corn Rows” “Floyd Walsh"

  • Roots: “The Next Generation” (ABC Mini-Series) • 1979 “Eddie”

  • Death Drug/Wack Attack (ABC Movie of the Week) • 1978 “Jessie Thomas”

  • (Emmy Nomination, “Best Performance in a TV Movie”)

  • Lawman without a Gun (TV Movie) • 1978 “Rufus Cartwright”

  • The Beast Are on the Streets (TV Movie) • 1978 “Eddie Morgan”

  • Starsky and Hutch: “Quadromania” (ABC Series) • 1978 “Kingston St. Jacques”

  • The New Adventures of Wonder Woman: “Furst” as Philip Michael Thomas

  • “The Man Who Wouldn’t Tell” (TV Series) •1978

  • Roosevelt and Truman, Pilot (TV Movie) • 1977 “Truman”

  • Insight (TV Movie) • 1977 “Luther”

  • Medical Center Pilot- 1977: “Angels Nest”/ If Wishes Were Horses “Dr. Samuel Karter”

  • Movin’ On, “No More Sad Songs” (TV Series) • 1976 “Banjo”

  • Caribe, “Murder in Paradise” (TV Series) • 1975 “Prince John”

  • Police Woman: “It’s Only a Game” (TV Series) • 1974 “Sonny”

  • Toma, Pilot and 3 episodes (with Tony Musante) • 1973-1974 “Sam Hooper”

  • Good Times, “Sex and the Evans Family” (TV Series) • 1974 “Eddie Conroy” Bogard

  • Black Fist 2 (TV Movie) • 1974 “Fletcher/Boom Boom

  • Griff: “The Framing of Billy the Kid” (TV Series) • 1973 “Eddie Marshall”


Talents/Special Interest


       Musician, Songwriter, Composer, Poet, Playwright, Professional Photographer, Fashion Designer,
       Author of Children’s Books/Health & Fitness, Biking, Hiking, Jogging




  • 2015 Celebrity Guest for THOMAS- English Muffins 135th Anniversary April 23, 2015

  • 2010 Icon Award, DOC Miami International Music and Film

  • 2010 World Citizen Award, HGF International, and World Citizen International

  • 2001/2002 Artist in Residence, Hampton University, Hampton, VA

  • 2001 Police Benevolent Award, Positive Role Model for Youth, City of Miami

  • 2001 Coastal Training Technologies, Host - Biological and Chemical Threats •

  • 2000 Nextones Communications, Spokesperson

  • 1997 Doctor of the Arts Degree, Shaw University, Raleigh, NC

  • 1989 MTV Award, Best Series, “Miami Vice”

  • 1989 ASCAP Award, Album “Living the Book of My Life”

  • 1987 National Cosmetology Association, Top Male Trend Setters

  • 1986/1987 NAACP Image Award, “Best Actor in a Television Series”, “Miami Vice”

  • 1986 CEBA, SAG, AFTRA, ASCAP, Variety Club, MAAD, Big Brother/Big Sisters

  • 1986 Martin Luther King Birthday Celebration, Guest Speaker

  • 1986 Emmy Award Nominee, “Best Performance in a TV Movie”, “Wack Attack”

  • 1986 Mad TV, Miami Vice Cartoon

  • 1986 TV Land Award, Best TV Series, “Miami Vice”

  • 1986 Philip Michael Thomas Day, January 27TH, City of North Miami

  • 1985 Man of the Year Award, City of North Miami

  • 1985 Florida Crime Prevention Appointment

  • 1985 Knighted in the Order of Michael the Archangel

  • 1985 Police Benevolent Award, Positive Role Model for Youths, City of Miami

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